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A new approach
to treating neuroinflammation

Small molecule therapies to treat central nervous system (CNS) diseases

To date, most recent drug development for CNS diseases has focused on removal of the proteins (beta amyloid, tau and alpha synuclein) that accumulate over the course of the disease. We are taking a different approach

There is an emerging consensus that neuroinflammation is a significant factor in CNS diseases, creating a therapeutic opportunity. NeuroTherapia is developing oral, small molecule therapeutics that inhibit microglia cells, which are known to express proteins that drive inflammation in the CNS. We believe our therapies offer a novel approach that could work well in combination with currently approved antibody therapies.

Our Lead Program: NTRX-07

NTRX-07 is an orally available small molecule that reduces inflammation and improves the brain's ability to form new connections, leading to improved learning and memory. This approach represents a new approach for the treatment of CNS conditions.

Data from our Phase 1b clinical trial of NTRX-07 in Alzheimer’s disease patients demonstrated a favorable safety profile, a pharmacokinetic (PK) profile consistent with preclinical studies expected to drive clinical activity, and a trend toward cognitive improvement in the AD patients that were treated with NTRX-07.

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