NeuroTherpia, Inc., founded in 2015 by Cleveland Clinic Innovations based on research by Drs. Mohamed Naguib and Joseph Foss, on new therapies for diseases with an underlying component of neuroinflammation. Initial research has led to the development of our lead compound NTRX-07. NTRX-07 (previously known as MDA7) has been shown to decrease the activation of microglial cells in the brain. Decreasing activation of these cells leads to decreased inflammation and decreased injury to surrounding nerve cells. Decreasing this inflammation can treat and even prevent the development of neuropathic pain in settings of nerve injury or chemotherapy. Recent work has shown that blocking this inflammation is also important in reversing the effects seen in Alzheimer's disease. We have completed preclinical safety studies and initiating safety trials of NTRX-07 in humans in 2019.


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